Saturday, January 16, 2010

A nice mention / review...

I played out at the Stronghold Speakeasy in Venice last Friday, 1/8/2010.  This kind blogging fellow mentioned my performance and I think that's really nice.  Thanks!

"The bill featured earnest, flute-voiced, ukulele-strumming singer-songwriter Holland Greco; the fiery, electric country-blues ensemble the Paul Chesne Band; and sandwiched in the middle, my Americana sweethearts Leslie & the Badgers plying their bright, tuneful, timeless mix of folk, rock and country music.
Despite too much drunken yammering during Greco's performance (this lack of civility is becoming epidemic), she was undaunted and endearing. The Badgers, playing their first show after a holiday break, were loose yet in a groove - a band in its comfort zone, garnering the room's full attention. And singer-guitarist Chesne was in ace form as was his group, rattling the joint until the place was all rattled out.
It was another typical night of frolic in the Basin. More to come? Doubtless."

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